1385906_745621832131028_518168919_nHi and thanks for dropping in. My name is Rebecca Richardson but everyone calls me Becka. I have started this blog and this petition as a way of drawing attention to a broken system.

I am a mother, wife, grandmother and first time college student studying to be a social worker. I have lived in Washington, IL for over a decade now and am a proud advocate of this tiny town with a huge heart.

On November 17, 2013 and F4 tornado ripped through my town, along with 8 other counties. It left devastation, heart ache and pain in it’s wake. FEMA came in, we thought, to help us, but instead they have proven inept.

FEMA is decisively flawed. It’s a system at the whim of those in control. Sometimes they follow their own regulations and guidelines, other times not. The children are loose in the candy store folks. They have mommy and daddy’s credit cards and no adult supervision.

We must speak up and speak out about a program that can impact anyone, anywhere. Please take a look at the links, read the articles. Help me get the word out about my petition It takes 100,000 signatures to get this on the President’s desk. Together we can and will make a difference!

All the best,



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